Winter Crafts

Winter Crafts 2020 will be held via Zoom Tuesday, December 8 at 6pm. Kits are for pick up by first signing up here and then using the Zoom links listed:

This long-standing Optional Program activity is held in December. Teachers open their classrooms for a half-day of crafts. Each classroom hosts several activity tables and parent volunteers supervise the crafts. All BOOP students travel from room to room, participating in crafts. Candle-making, ornament-making, edible ‘tree’ cones, oranges studded with cloves, and a community service sewing project have been a few of the yearly favorites. No need to worry if you’re not ‘crafty’ – each classroom has a parent coordinator who works with the teachers to select the crafts. The instructions and materials are provided at each table. Parent volunteers guide the children through the activities. Winter crafts is a fun way for parent volunteers to interact with students from every family group.

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