2017-2018 Volunteers

Positions in red are still vacant!

2017-2018 Steering Committee:

Chair:  Steve Heinle
Co Chair:
Treasurer:  Carren Walters
Secretary:  Cori Carlson
Member at Large:  Chris MacKay


PTA Liaison: Patrick Freeman
Directory:  Staci Cox
Webmasters:  Staci Cox & Sara Hoedel
Community Service Liaisons:  Sara Paulson and Allison Raye
Bulletin Board:  

Special Events Coordinators:

Fall Welcome Back Potluck and 1st Quarter Meeting:  Allison Raye
Caroling and Skate Party:  Katie Schrooten
Square Dance:  Amanda Elfrink
Mini Courses:  Sharon Flowers, Allison Raye, and Frances Kahn
End of the Year BBQ:  Kathleen Moore and Carren Walters
Garage Sale:  Meara Boling

Classroom Liaisons:
K:  Jocelyn Riley
1:  Samantha Mellen
2:  Paula Fish
3:  Allison Raye
4:  Shannon Metrokin
5:  Kelly Johnson
6:  Chris MacKay